We've got 7 immunity building blocks for kids that are way cooler than Lego!

Pssst, it involves a lot of eating and sleeping

Children can be fussy when it comes to food, often resulting in low nutrition levels. Unless food is jazzy enough for their eyes, they refuse to touch it. Not that there is a guarantee that they will still like it! And with the changing environment, immunity takes a hit.

I have this vague memory of Dina Pathak dishing out dadima ke nuskhe—household remedies for preventing from commonplace illnesses—on a popular entertainment channel.

Come winters and we always have jars of honey filled with almonds, 5-6 of which should be consumed as soon as we wake up.

There is no denying the profound truth that these remedies work well even today and are the foundation you need to build your child’s immunity.

Let’s build the Tower of Immunity

Let’s take a look at some ‘bricks’ that will help build your child’s Tower of Immunity.

Ghee is the gut’s best friend and works phenomenally well for your child’s gut health. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties work wonders in making your child’s body immune to disease. This source of good fat also helps in brain development.


Colloidal silver
Colloidal silver is antibacterial and antimicrobial. This enables it to fight bugs that are resistant to antibiotics. It is anti-inflammatory and also helps fight diseases like bronchitis and pneumonia.

Vegetables and fruits
Do I even need to expound on the virtues of these? You will find 100s and 1000s of recipes online for no-fuss smoothies and innovative ways of serving veggies. 
Elderberry juice
Elderberries are known to help in brain and immunity development. The anthocyanins (flavonoids with antioxidant properties) in elderberries help the body fight illness and disease. They are also rich in Vitamin C and really effective against flu. Make some elderberry gummies and watch your kids gobble them up in minutes! (The internet’s got a lot many recipes for elderberry gummies and other foods you can make using elderberries.)
Immunity boosting spices
Culinary spices like garlic, ginger, turmeric, black pepper and cinnamon are superpowers that help strengthen digestion and thereby boost immunity. What works is that these will add to the flavor of the food and yet stay hidden. So, win-win!
Yoga mudras
Expounding on the virtues of practicing yoga is like telling you how important it is to drink water. Yoga mudras are hand gestures that, combined with a guided breathing pattern, help to improve the energy flow in the body. A popular yoga mudra known to boost immunity is the Prana Mudra (the Mudra of Life).

For the prana mudra:
1. Sit in the padmasana.
2. Bend the ring finger and the little finger towards the thumb.
3. Touch the thumb to the tips of the ring finger and the little finger.
Alternative therapies
The following alternative therapies are also very effective in boosting immunity:
1. Homeopathy
2. Bach Flower remedies
3. Energy Healing (Pranic/Reiki can be administered at home by the parent because it requires only basic chakra cleansing knowledge)

Now, let’s smash some myths that can weaken the Tower of Immunity:

· A child of normal weight and height does not need immunity boosters. 
I was at home all day yesterday so I don’t need to bathe today. Did you laugh at this? Then you know why you need to laugh at the first sentence too. True that underweight children are less immune but height and weight aren’t the only barometers of immunity.

· Those colorful vitamin drinks are perfect immunity boosters. 
The only thing good about these drinks: they are pleasing to the eye. The food we eat—a natural source—gives all the nutrients that these drinks promise to give. Also, remember, excess of anything isn’t really   great.

· Meditation is only for adults.

It isn’t. Children, these days more so, are as stressed as adults, if not more. And we all know that mental stress can manifest into a physical illness alright. Introduce children to meditation to help them inculcate a healthy mind and a healthy body.

· Hail antibiotics!  

Ummm…not really. Antibiotics are not the only way to cure illnesses. Besides, they are also known to weaken the body’s immune system’s capacity to fight diseases on its own.

· Immunity depends only on nutrition.

While eating the right type and quantity of food is important, fresh air, sunshine, and adequate sleep are as important. Inculcating in kids the habit of waking up early and building a healthy routine will go a long way in making sure the foundation of immunity always stays strong.

Constant bouts of cough and flu in kids may sound common, but it doesn’t have to be. Consistent alternative practices can build long-lasting immunity for growing kids. Let Thriive help filter out the myths and boil it down to what works and how. Learn more: http://gfss.thriive.in/

Nikita Jhanglani is a technical and creative content writer, editor and book blogger. Currently, she is into world domination, one checklist at a time.

Do you know the real symbolism of today’s solar eclipse? Donald Trump should be interested, too!

Thriive Global Ambassador and world-renowned Dream Interpreter & Symbology expert Prof. Kaya reveals the real meaning of a solar eclipse and also what last year’s total solar eclipse signified for the United States, in a tête-à-tête with Sonia Rao

A solar eclipse (as seen from the planet Earth) occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and when the Moon fully or partially blocks ("occults") the Sun. While today’s partial solar eclipse will not be visible in India, there are a few aspects of this eclipse one must know.

Positive and Negative

In symbolic language each situation contains both its positive and negative aspects.

The positive aspect of an eclipse is very powerful because it creates a reflection of ourselves in the Universe as well as the notion where we feel a connection with our inner self.

The Sun is related to our day to day manifestation. So, when we talk about the solar energy, we talk about the masculine energy; the energy of manifestation.

On the other hand, the moon is a symbol of the night. Its energy relates to the feminine energy. And feminine is related to interiorization or going within.

Because of the involvement of the moon, the night becomes very important as it is related also to the unconscious aspects of life, to the metaphysical dimensions of who we are.

At that precise moment of the total eclipse, people are profoundly in connection with their sensitivity. There also arises a realisation of the importance of our emotions, our thoughts, and the energy that we have within ourselves, though not everyone is conscious of it. But it does create a form of meditation and a form of connection with something that is bigger than them.

Since this is the last eclipse of 2018, it is a good time to revisit the total solar eclipse that took place in the United States at this time last year.

This eclipse brought forth some realisations for the country:

Rediscover its essence

It was a time for the US to open up from within. Events were pointing to the fact that it was time for the US to go to the past to rediscover its essence.

Overconfidence of the US:

The sun was obscured due to the eclipse which gives rise to the symbolism that the real Sun is lost and has been replaced by a fake Sun. The overconfidence we find in the US is a manifestation of this energy: The go-getter notions, the always-pushing-for-success syndrome, money and the need to always shine. It’s as if one wants to be the ‘Sun’ all the time.

Time to go within

The US has turned its face away from interiorization. Every country has a personality and that of the US gives it a lot confidence and a leadership role in world affairs. But it is also a society based on materialism.

Now, because of the leadership of Donald Trump as the President, who is very focused on his own ego and his own success, the country too has seen this philosophy being followed. But because the total eclipse involved the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, it reflects the profound realisation that the country needs to go more within and not just look at things on the surface.

Exposing the dark side

This also exposes the dark side of the US. One of the facets is the racism which we are beginning to see on the streets. This is a sign that people will need to develop more of their spirituality. It begins with questioning the notions of success, the meaning of money and also the people in power.

Every eclipse touches our perception of being and so it is always very good for a reflection about our lives and about who we are in the world and where we are going.

About Professor Kaya:
Professor Kaya is a best-selling author and international speaker. His notable work includes Dictionary Dreams-Signs-Symbols and The Source Code. A global expert on Dreams, Signs & Symbolic Language, he co-founded with his wife Christiane, the University / City Mikaël (UCM) that is established in several countries of the Americas, Europe and Asia. UCM is recognized by the Government of Quebec, Canada and Switzerland. It also holds a scholarship from Google. 
Prof. Kaya & Christiane Muller will be presenting at the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences which is being held in Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, from 29th Sept - 2nd Oct, 2018. For more details and to avail the Special Early Bird Offer on donor passes, click here:

Sonia Rao is the Editor-in-Chief at Thriive Art & Soul.

“Love yourself so much that the love pours out of you onto others” - A conversation with Life Coach/Healer Ladan Ratcliffe

Ladan Ratcliffe is an internationally respected teacher of Metaphysics, a Life Coach, Healer and Speaker. She was always drawn to the mysteries of life, the universe, the mind, the soul and the presence of a Higher Intelligence behind creation. A shift in her personal life, almost 30 years ago, enabled her to pursue her interests by becoming a member of many spiritual schools and associations. This revealed to her the truth that we co-create the reality we live in. She has extensively researched the role and functioning of the chakra system within the human body. This led her to uncover the link between the chakra system of all life and how one is influenced by the energies of another.

Ladan Ratcliffe will be presenting CHAKRAS OF THE  5TH DIMENSIONAL LIVING at India’s one and only ‘soul’ festival, the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences, at Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru from 29th September – 2nd October, 2018.

Here’s an email conversation we had with Ladan Ratcliffe in which she talks about her life purpose and her journey as a life coach and healer.

THRIIVE: Hello, Ladan. Thank you for sharing your story with us. At the outset, I’m sure our readers will be very keen to know when and how did you know for sure what your life purpose is?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: Fulfilling my life path has been a journey in itself. It feels like I have been climbing a set of stairs and each time I climbed up a step, I needed to stop, experience and fulfill an aspect of my life path to obtain some tools which would help me reach and fulfill the next step of my life path. So, knowing about my life purpose did not happen in one instance but as a continuous sequence of events. My life purpose over the last 25 years has led me to know that I am here to Serve the Divine by sharing the Universal Truth.

THRIIVE: How has this transformed you?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: Knowing my life purpose has provided the platform for me to be the person I have come to be and to have the life I have come to experience. The transformation has given me the sense of freedom, the sense of self-love and the sense of rediscovering the Truth.

THRIIVE: Could you share any incident from your journey that stands out for you?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: At one time, I was undergoing treatment in two hospitals as my health was so poor. I took charge of my suspected illnesses and worked with the energies of my body through breath, through allowing myself to be the channel for Prana and by releasing and letting go of negative beliefs that were related to fear. I became determined that I had all the tools I needed to heal myself and as a result of that, after three months of various medical investigations, I was discharged by both the hospitals.

THRIIVE: Could you suggest an empowering practice our readers could carry out in their daily life? And, how?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: I have recorded positive affirmation meditation on a CD which I am gifting to all the participants of the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences where I am one of the Presenters. By listening to these positive affirmations, if you are ready, you can transform all negative beliefs that may have been stored in the subconscious mind to positive beliefs which through daily practice for 21 days, can become your normal attributes.

THRIIVE: What message would you like to give our readers?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: Love yourself so much that the love then pours out of you onto others.

The Cosmic Shift of the 21/12/12 catapulted a shift within our energy systems which changed our operating system forever. This was to prepare us for the forthcoming ascension and the increased amount of cosmic light that our four- body system was to receive. Some found it incredibly illuminating; others found it was the start of one of the most testing periods of preparation that their bodies had ever experienced. In only six years, we have jumped from the limited space that we have occupied since the fall of Atlantis and are now landing onto an all-singing, all-dancing 4/5D energy body. Through the ascension process our energy system evolved from the 7-chakra system, where it enabled us to operate in a 3D world, into a more expanded and complex chakra system giving us the tools to become more compassionate beings as we step into our multidimensional selves. The alchemical process that is continuing to take place in our operating system is changing our cellular and the sub-cellular structure. Our chakras are merging, changing position and new ones are activating in order for us to open up to our higher consciousness and to experience joy. What needs to happen is the process of the full integration of the 5D reality into our conscious selves.

To find out more about her presentation at GFSS this year you can watch this video https://youtu.be/-CKr628rA_Y

To know more about GFSS 2018 & to get the Early Bird Offer on the donor passes, visit http://gfss.thriive.in/ or call 7506424584 / email events@thriive.in

Want an energy gateway on your body? Sacred geometry tattoos are the doors!

Access the energies of Sacred Geometry symbols through tattoos on your body
By Nikita Jhanglani

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo? If you have, you’d know that it takes forever and more to select that perfect design. I’ve been thinking of getting one for years but still haven’t been able to choose between a literary quote, a stack of books, and a slice of pizza!

This takes so much deliberation because something as permanent as a tattoo should be an extension of your personality, reflecting your choices and your beliefs in life.

However, do you know that there is much more to tattoos, beyond being a symbol of your personality? That tattoos can heal, elevate, and transform your soul?

Say hello to sacred geometry tattoos!

Ancient geometric symbols…
Sacred geometry tattoos are derived from ancient geometric symbols that hold a deep-rooted significance in the religious and spiritual context. These symbols include simple ones like a point, a straight line, and a circle as well as more complex ones like the Fibonacci spiral, the Golden Ratio, the Seed of Life, or the Tree of Life.

… are all around us
Several of these symbols can be found in nature as well as on old structures, temples, jewelry, and so on. For example, all planets are circles. Ocean waves are shaped like a Fibonacci spiral. Sacred geometry is a pivotal design element of The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Mandala drawings are inspired by symbols like the Seed of Life and Flower of Life while Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is proof that the Universe favours geometry.

Yantras, made of these sacred shapes and patterns, help with conscious awareness for healing and integrating the soul into wholeness. The Sri Yantra, embodying the union of Shiv and Shakti, is believed to be the most powerful of these yantras.

The story beneath
Tattoos inspired by sacred geometry symbols date back to the days of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and represent specific aspects of life, e.g. circles represent relationships, squares have a connection with stability, and the Flower of Life represents life forms.

These symbols, and thus the tattoos, are believed to remind us of the connection we share with nature.

Get thy self inked and heal!
According to tattoo artists, sacred geometry symbols have not just a personal but also a strong spiritual significance. Because of their closeness to nature, these symbols hold healing powers. And the easiest way to connect to these energies, to allow them into your body, is by inking them on yourself.

Intrigued but confused about which one is the right one for you? Thriive Sacred Art therapists can guide you. Connect with us: http://beta.thriive.in/thriive-seeker

Nikita Jhanglani is a technical and creative content writer, editor and book blogger. Currently, she is into world domination, one checklist at a time.

Doing these 2 indigenous rituals will help you to get the most out of today's total lunar eclipse

Move away from darkness and into the light with these healing rituals 
By Susan Hough

"Ceremony and Ritual connects us to our own essence, to help us tune into the Spirituality among the Dagara people."
Sobonfu Somé
Today’s total lunar eclipse will occur with the Full Moon (Blood Moon). This will be the longest lasting total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (1 hour and 43 minutes).

Releasing the Darkness
Because this Full Moon is also an eclipse, it is about finding what is in the shadow that needs to be released. There could be a moment when the darkness of the eclipse can feel like it is overtaking you. But with the support of your community you can push through it and give birth from whatever that darkness needs to share with you. Together, in being connected, a deeper transformation can occur and awaken the love between us.

Doing this in the indigenous ways means all come together as a community because each one holds something individual and makes the community whole by bringing the energy that is needed.

Indigenous Moon Rituals for Healing

Sitting in a circle and celebrating these rituals brings a sense of togetherness and peace to the community as a whole and to each individual. Because truly we are all better when somebody holds the space for us to let go.

This moon is about releasing stagnant energy, thoughts that no longer serve you and breaking habits that are holding you back, with the support of your community, which always has your back, holding that space for you.

One indigenous ritual you can do for this Lunar Eclipse is a Fire Ritual. You gather as a community each writing down or speaking any fears, worries, or stagnant energy that needs to be released. Build a fire and by burning this paper or visualizing letting go of these things into the fire it will allow space for what you need in this moment. Let go so you can receive love for yourself, your community and the world.

Another ritual to bring nurturance and sweetness to each person, the community and the world is the Milk and Honey Ritual. Go to a water body and make an offering to it with Milk and Honey. The milk signifies nurturance and the honey, sweetness. 

Your healing will affect the healing of not just yourself, but also your community and the world. By pushing through what blocks you, along with your community, it will awaken all to new beginnings and open all to love.

Susan Hough is a Life Coach and ritualist as well as the founder of ‘Living Your Gifts”. After 20 years working in very traditional mental health, Susan knew that wasn’t her path and her search led her to a Daraga Teacher named Sobonfu Somé. Susan became one of a handful of Westerners to get initiated into the rites, rituals and healing wisdom of her tradition. Through the combination of Western and Dagara Wisdom, Rites and Rituals, Susan helps everyone from teens to adults discover how powerfult hey are. To know more about Susan Hough, please visit: https://www.livingyourgifts.com/ 

Susan Hough will be presenting at the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences being held at Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, from 29th Sept – 2nd Oct, 2018. To know more and to get the Early Bird Offer, visit http://gfss.thriive.in/

Following these 4 secret tips can keep the spark flourishing in your marriage

Marriage need not be the beginning of stagnant energy and the end of romantic emotions
By Madhulika Arya

A few days ago, I was waiting for a friend at the food court of a busy South Delhi Mall, observing the mundane chaos caused by a couple with two young kids at the next table. Sipping my Americano, I couldn’t help but notice that the parents only talked through their children; they looked bored and faced away from each other. It was clear; this outing was only for the children’s entertainment. The kids, though, were focused on their ice cream.

I tried to imagine how, this couple who’d probably begun their journey as “Strangers in the Night, exchanging glances” had ended up as “Strangers at home, escaping glances!”

Love, attraction, chemistry are all offshoots of Energy. When two people choose each other, it is a sign that their energies have sparked. But, keeping that spark flourishing over the years, needs work. Here’s a holistic take on how you can keep that fire burning:

1. Real expectations bring greater acceptance 
Comparisons are odious: someone said this first in 1440 and hundreds of years later, it still rings true. Comparing your relationship to anyone else’s is ringing its death knell. So, desist because you will never know what is behind closed doors. Every relationship is a new and individual case. Be real with your expectations. Try to understand how different you two are from each other and embrace those differences without trying to “work” on them. Think back to the time you wanted to change one of your habits. Wasn’t it difficult? More often than not, we are unable to change ourselves, and accept this fact. Similar standards should be applied to your SO (Significant Other).

2. Communication is the key to greater intimacy
With so much of our time spent on virtual social media communications, real-life conversations — where you need to exchange the energy of attention, correct body language, a genuine effort to make eye contact and listen to the other person in the room — actually feels like a chore. Make it a point, then, to spend some time with each other everyday with all e-devices switched off. Talk about things that matter to both of you. Listen to, and not just hear, what they have to say, whether it is about an argument they had with someone at the office or a conversation about their likes and dislikes. Speak up instead of bottling up your own emotions and once this communication channel is opened, make sure it remains unclogged.

3. Forgiveness brings peace and allows love to flourish
No relationship is a bed of roses, but the thorns should be a means of making it stronger rather than a weapon to tear it apart. Conflicts will arise when two individuals come together but a genuine regard for the opposite person, a willingness to introspect and apologise should be a welcome surrender. Apologies do not mean a battle lost. Saying sorry for something you realize you did wrong will not make you the ‘weaker one’. Accepting an apology without nagging your partner is equally important. Show compassion to humble honesty without getting into power play.

4. Make them your priority 
Spend 15 minutes everyday visualizing yourself acknowledging your partner for everything they’ve done for you that week. Then, acknowledge them in real-time with words of appreciation and gratitude. This will bring a refreshing energy and make them feel really good about themselves and bolster your relationship. This is also a great way to remind them that they are still No.1 in your life (and it won’t be long before they begin reciprocating).

Even though a long-term relationship might seem like hard work, the best relationships are ones where the right efforts make it ‘effortless’. Here’s to happy romancing even after many years of being together.

Need a deeper, professional insight into your situation? Thriive-verified therapists can provide counseling that’s designed for your specific needs and help you bring back the verve into your relationship. Know more HERE – http://beta.thriive.in/thriive-seeker

Madhulika Arya is a curious observer of Life.

We can’t get Robin Williams back but these 4 alternative therapies can help to treat Depression! Reach out!

He made us laugh and we smiled every time we saw him on the screen. He brought that ray of sunshine into our lives with each and every role he played on screen.

Yes, Robin Williams had that genius power within him. Today he would have been 67 years old.

The recently released documentary about him, Come Inside My Mind, makes it pretty plain that he was an infinitely gifted artist and an immensely generous person.

Our tears well up for a life that still had so much joy to give the world but behind the scenes battled unknowable sadness. As Robin Williams himself said at one point, “Every person is driven by some deep, deep, deep, deep secret.”

It’s not as if Williams was silent about his own struggles with addiction and even Depression.

In fact, he’s quoted to have said, “If you’re that depressed, reach out to someone. And remember, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

It is not possible for those who haven’t experienced Depression to completely understand what it does to the one suffering from it. But one can always reach out to lend a supporting shoulder to the one who is depressed. Don’t wait for them to ask, perhaps they are just not capable of asking.

For those seeking a cure for themselves or for people they know, alternative therapies provide solutions that can give long-term relief and are safe to use.

Here are 4 therapies that can help in treating Depression:

    1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy (NLP) describes the dynamic between neuro, which is mind, and linguistic which is language and how their conjunction affects one’s body and behavior. NLP believes that language can create certain neurological patterns. The therapist can be effective without even knowing the problem in detail. This typically resolves issues in several brief sessions and tends to be pretty quick with results.

    2. Emotional Freedom Technique originated from the ancient Chinese study of Chi and the paths of energy flow. It helps to transform physical or emotional issues by tapping on the meridian points with fingertips along with a specific affirmation. It relaxes the mind and balances the body.

    3. Sound Healing is finding much popularity as an alternative therapy for many kinds of illnesses. It works by inducing deep healing brain states that attune the body to press the “Restart”button. Frequencies of waves from gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks can find and focus energy on weak areas of the body or mind. The rich, pure, vibrancy of tone helps the listener to relax and achieve deep states of well-being and clarity.

    4. Life Coaching changes the way one operates at a deeper level. It does not stop at just examining behaviours, habits, and goals. Life coaching facilitates the person to delve into their deep-rooted beliefs and thought patterns. It also helps to connect them with their supreme power (Core of Existence) within. This enables them to become aware of their resourcefulness and to be their 'authentic self'.

    If you feel you are dealing with Depression and seeking alternative treatments, get in touch with us so we can connect you to the therapies and practitioners that are right for you: http://beta.thriive.in/thriive-seeker

    Let Depression no longer be the reason to lose our loved ones.

    Did you know your fights with your siblings are a gift from your ancestors? Family Constellation is the way out!

    Letting go of patterns from the Past for peace in the Present
    By Nikita Jhanglani
    Resistance is loyalty to the old and prevents development. Every expectation is thus linked to something already known. Only what shakes me to the core leads me onward. The rigidity breaks, growth follows. In the end, we can only marvel at where we find ourselves. 
    ~ Bert Hellinger (founder, Systemic Constellation Therapy)
    Haven’t we all heard how we’ve taken after our parents or grandparents or some relative in different ways—the way we look, talk, or the way we react to things.

    But is this all that we inherit from our ancestors? Believe me, there is more. Looks like we unconsciously inherit a lot from them that shapes our beliefs, habits and lifestyle.

    Bonds of Guilt
    A had a prosperous business. He, however, couldn’t enjoy the luxury that came with his hard-earned wealth. A chance meeting with a Family Constellation Therapist lead him to realize how the depth of his bond with his late grandfather subconsciously stopped him from splurging on things other than his basic necessities.

    A’s grandfather had seen poverty all his life, unable to enjoy the luxuries and comforts that A could now afford. According to his therapist, A’s love for his grandfather connected them so deeply, that now, A subconsciously held himself back from enjoying what his grandfather couldn’t. The therapist helped A disconnect from this guilt.

    Family Patterns Become Barriers
    Hitesh Vashisht, accomplished Consciousness Coach and Workshop Leader from Gurgaon, says, “Family Constellation is an insightful way to get aware of all the family drawn patterns that act as a barrier in our evolution.”

    Family Constellation, a branch of the Systemic Constellation therapy, studies an individual as part of a larger group such as a family or an organization. It focuses the way they relate with their immediate family members. As humans, we inherit certain patterns from our ancestors, related to health, wealth, relationship, or lifestyle issues. These traits could lead us into unhappy situations with our family members without us understanding the underlying cause.

    Stronger Connections
    B shared a troubled relationship with her siblings. They argued everyday about everything. This disturbed B so much that she was often unable to sleep. Headaches became her constant companion. Lack of sleep led to stress and affected her performance at work.

    When she heard about Family Constellation, she agreed to give it a shot hoping it was the ray of hope she’d been waiting for.

    B enrolled for a session.

    With the help of representatives (people or objects) standing in for herself and her siblings and their energies, and a long interview with the Family Constellation therapist, B got an otherwise unseen insight into her siblings’ perspectives. This opened her eyes to their feelings and her own patterns of behavior. This helped B mend her relationship with her siblings. Today, B experiences a stronger connect with them.

    “Family Constellation helps the subject have a holistic look towards a situation or challenge, keeping in view the involved parties or factors of influence,” explains Vashisht.

    We can’t choose our families but we can choose how we relate to them. If fights and feuds are your family norm, use Family Constellation Therapy to get straight to the heart of the matter. You’ll be amazed at what lies beneath the surface. Let Thriive connect you to a trained and verified therapist. Know more: http://beta.thriive.in/thriive-seeker
    Nikita Jhanglani is a technical and creative content writer, editor and book blogger. Currently, she is into world domination, one checklist at a time.

    Here are 5 reasons why a breakup can be good for you

    Did you know that a breakup, though devastating, could be the start of a new 
    (and fabulous) chapter in your life? 
    By Sridevi Datta

    Heartbreaks feel like the end of the world especially because we believe in happy endings and desperately cling to the old age adage “They lived happily after”.

    Nothing wrong in that!

    But what if there was a twist in the tale?

    What if I told you that breakups can be life-altering? That sometimes they can become the beginning of something powerful and exciting?

    What if I told you that regardless of circumstances, anyone who is breaking up with you is actually doing you a favor?

    Curious? Read on.

    After the breakup, you become independent

    How many times did you let your choices be dictated by this other person? Too many to count, right? Seeking external validation never brings happiness. Doing what you know is good for you, brings contentment. So, whether it is feeling comfy in your PJs or having your supper in bed, you are no longer accountable to anyone. You own your choices. You own your time. And slowly you begin to inhale that first whiff of freedom.

    You understand what you always wanted from the relationship

    Remember the time you felt your Ex could have listened more? Or, that they were more sensitive to your needs? Now, you no longer feel the need to apologize for such thoughts. You begin to see flaws that always existed-- things which you refused to pay attention to in the past. The self-sabotaging patterns become evident. You are able to see with clarity what you’ve been doing in your relationships and what you now actually need.

    After the breakup, you regain your sense of self worth

    Relationships teach us something about ourselves. When we get involved with someone our energies mesh so completely that when the relationship breaks off, both partners (the breaker-off less than the breakee) feel a bottomless void within themselves. This is when a spiral of self-pity, addictions to sadness, even melancholy rush in to fill that deep emptiness. However, once you actively choose to break free from the obsessive cycle and apply your mind to other activities that bring joy to your heart, you regain your self-esteem. You begin to laugh with greater ease. Everything becomes beautiful once again.

    You begin to re-align your inner resources after the breakup

    “And suddenly you know, it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” ~ Meister Eckhart

    Many a times during the course of a messy breakup, you delete your inner resources. You forget how brilliant you were in so and so activity and how you had the ability to excel. After the breakup, once again you begin to see/hear/ feel those resources.

    A Breakup is the beginning of something new

    Once you accept the fact that nothing you could do could have prevented the breakup, you begin to heal. You grow stronger and you are ready for something new. You understand that you can now re-channelize all those energies into something empowering and wonderful.

    Does this mean that breakups are simple?

    No of course they are not.

    It means that now is the time to let your inner resilience shine through.

    If in spite of everything, you do continue to feel lonely, isolated and stuck, life coaches and counselors can help you get back on the path of empowerment and embark on your new path to freedom. Thriive can help you connect with the therapists that are right for you. Know more: http://beta.thriive.in/thriive-seeker

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