The 12 Best Spiritual Books We Read (And Also Re-Read) In 2017!

By Sonia Rao

The end of the year brings us to a strange place where we are looking back and in the front at the same time: while reflecting upon and reviewing the past 12 months, we’re inspired to look forward to the brand-new slate that is the New Year.

And so, as we muse and we meditate to become more authentic, kind and centered in the future, reading spiritual books can help us in our journey.

Here’s a list of the books that we love and read at least once every year. Which ones of these have you read? Share with us your favourites (besides these) in the comments.


Can you create miracles in your body solely through your thoughts? Similarly, can you get seriously sick if you believe you’ve been cursed? Yes, it is totally possible. Get set to change your belief systems for the better as Dr. Joe Dispenza provides an instruction manual of sorts, with proofs and points, in an easy to understand way.


The Universe is a mystery but you can now learn its secret laws and manifest your goals in 3-D reality. Author Ilona Selke (who is also the CEO of Living From Vision®) inspires and equips you to make your dreams come true and to create a better life for yourself and the planet.


Guided by Socrates and Joy, a young Berkeley gymnast is forced to come face to face with romance and magic, body-mind-spirit and also the darkness of the soul. Can the gymnast learn to live as a peaceful warrior or will he be destroyed? This book by world champion athlete Dan Millman is the story of his own spiritual journey and is a great guide for those seeking to live a meaningful life.


Mention human evolution and survival of the fittest comes to mind. In this book by Gary Zukav we understand it as the movement from the pursuit of power based upon the perception of the five senses to those of the spirit. If you ever wondered about your purpose in life then read this book (and re-read it) as it stretches your imagination and encourages you to transform your thinking.

It might be easy to follow a spiritual lifestyle when one is living in the Himalayas far away from the mores and morals of mundane life. But true spirituality is when we can be our highest self in each and every aspect of daily life. Wayne Teasdale teaches us to be a ‘monk in the world’ through his insights on many topics including ‘interspirituality’.

Subtle and inspiring, the book, written in the form of snippet-like, short chapters, anchors you mindfully. Read it once and then after that read it again and again, opening up to any page, to remember that mindfulness can be practiced anytime, anywhere. Who else can tell it better than Thich Nhat Hanh.


Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements showed us the path of needless suffering we were enduring on account of the agreements we made with ourselves and others (even subconsciously). Now, with The Fifth Agreement, Don Miguel (along with his son Don Jose Ruiz) gets us to step up a level to self-mastery by using skepticism and deep listening. If you’re looking to begin 2018 on an empowered note, this is the book to do it with.


Why wait to get a terminal disease to awaken to the true beauty that life is? Philosopher-poet and cancer survivor, Mark Nepo, gives us this spiritual daybook, as a guide, to live each day, not just with gratitude, but also with wisdom, clarity, kindness, and a passionate enthusiasm. “A year’s supply of inspiration for you and your friends,” says Oprah.


As a parent I always worry (and being an over-thinker, it come with the territory) if I’m doing the best I can. So, a guide that shows the path to joyful parenting is a blessing not just for the parent but also for the child. Hurry, Parents, grab this book in which Michael Mendizza and Joseph Chilton Pearce share their 7 principles for creating the ‘Optimum Learning Relationship’ with your child.


The author, Cheryl Strayed, in order to come to terms with her mother’s untimely death, goes hiking (untrained and not-so-fit) over more than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. This is a story that speaks to everyone who ever lost someone precious and has still to come to terms with it. Dani Shapiro, in the New York Times, called the book "spectacular... at once a breathtaking adventure tale and a profound meditation on the nature of grief and survival, ... both a literary and human triumph.”


No telegram today
        ––Only more
Leaves fell

Call them haiku or call them micro-poems. These nuggets are guaranteed to warm your heart and soul. In the tradition of Basho, Issa, Shiki and others, Beat novelist-poet Jack Kerouac invites us into another dimension of words which furthers inspires us to go deep within ourselves and perhaps pen down a few of our own. Best read loudly on a long car ride.


Imagine living a life that seems so fulfilling to others but an emptiness of the heart still haunts you. Such is Ella Rubinstein’s life which is completely overturned when she reads a manuscript about the thirteenth-century Sufi poet Rumi and Shams of Tabriz and his forty rules of life and love. Her journey to meet the mysterious author of this work takes her on an exploration of faith and heartbreak and of becoming whole again.

(Sonia Rao is the Editor-in-Chief at Thriive Art & Soul).


How does marriage transform the love energy between two people? By Ritu Garg

“Is a love-marriage between two people the beginning of love or the beginning of the end of love?” This question came to my mind when one of my close friends met me after a year of her marriage to her sweetheart of 11 years. She looked happy and strong but as I dug more, I encountered her tender and ready-to-melt heart. I held her hand tight as tears streamed down her cheeks. I hugged her and tried to lighten the mood. “What’s the matter, Cheesecake,” I said as I wiped away her tears.
“The positive energy that we both shared seems to be waning. I feel that we don’t love each other, any more and—” I interrupted, trying to moderate what she said. “The way you used to love each other earlier, right?” I added.
How does marriage transform the love energy between two people? Let us try to put things in perspective. ‘Love’ is not a linear emotion. 

Love is dynamic and takes different forms in a marriage.
  • A marriage tempers the transcendental character of love with a bit of transactional matters.  
  • Matters of heart change into matters of hearth.
  • And thus living together changes the way of loving.
  • Love before marriage is manifested in longing and after marriage into belonging to each other and towards a life created together like common house, children, social status and a set of responsibilities as a unit.

Well, it sounds alright, doesn’t it? In fact, change is a way of life. After all, are we the same as we were when we began our journey of adulthood? Desmond Morris, in his book Intimate Behavior, says that relationships repeatedly go through three stages: ‘Hold me tight,’ ‘Put me down’ and ‘Leave me alone.’

Our experiences, our environment and our education keep influencing our aura and energy. Our relationship with our parents and our siblings keeps changing but we accept it for there is no exit option from these relationships.

So why do we get impatient with marriage?

Any time you feel something is amiss with your marriage, do these things to bring clarity into the relationship: 
  1. Give a chance to dialogue; take a break to talk to each other.
  2. Let go of your ego.
  3. Admit your love for your partner.
  4. Express your weakness for each other. Leave politics out of your relationship.
  5. Surrender is not subordination

(Ritu Garg lives by the words, for the words and of the words. And her before-the-sun’s-up tea).

When Spirituality Is Fun: Thriive Art & Soul's Outing At Lil Flea

Who can resist a chance to bring their inner child out to play? Who wants to know more about themselves emotionally and spiritually? The answer is No-one and Everyone respectively.

And when both these things are offered together for FREE you get the kind of crowd that thronged Thriive Art & Soul’s Paint Your Soul event at Mumbai’s happiest flea market, Lil Flea.

On a sultry afternoon (15th of December), all roads seemed to lead to Bandra Kurla Complex. Colourful flyers fluttered on the lampposts in the centre of the road, pointing the way to Mumbai’s most eclectic festival, Lil Flea.

Since April 2014, Lil Flea has been providing a trendy platform to upcoming startups, artists, designers and chefs.

On that afternoon, Lil Flea’s bohemian vibe was totally in tune with Thriive’s. Inside a huge pink and white shamiana, easels were set up with canvases. Open tubs of red, blue, green, yellow, white and black spread out on the wooden table beckoned to the inner child inside every would-be-artist.

And they surely didn’t hold back. Grabbing a brush and a palette of choice colours, eager-beaver spiritual enthusiasts set about painting to the strains of Erik Berglund’s harp music (Erik is Thriive’s beloved Astral Ambassador).

Handing out instructions and motivation was Artist-in-Charge & Empowerment Coach Tui Sigman.  She is one of the Wellness Service Providers (expert in healing modalities such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aura cleansing, Yoga, Pranayam, and many others) registered with Thriive and enthusiastically facilitated the event for them.

Tui instructed the participants to paint for 15 minutes.  Later she would send them their emotional and spiritual analysis based on their painting. Hardly any one could resist such an offer? The long queue of people waiting their turn was testimony to it.

Enthusiasm was high as everyone’s inner child gave uninhibited expression to their artistic leanings. It was an invigorating sight. Amateur or professional didn’t matter – they poured out their soul on the canvas with equal abandon.

In fact, when Tui gave an impromptu analysis to one of the participants, an elderly lady, she was almost in tears on hearing it.

A couple was super-excited after their session, never having picked up a paint-brush in their life. A few of them were professionally trained artists but this experience opened them up to their inner creativity as never before.

The session ended (with participants having to be turned back because the workshop time was over). They were asked to come back the next day for the Dance Therapy Workshop by Thriive Art & Soul. But that’s another story for another day.

WHEN A DOG MET A SOUL by Cashmere Lashkari

When your heart is open to love, soul contracts are easily completed and fulfilled.

This morning I wasn’t feeling too bright and was reluctant to go for a walk. Not that I’m usually raring to go for any form of exercise. My muffin top was motivation enough to drag myself out regardless. My sports shoes pounded the pavement rather lethargically, while I barely lifted my eyes from the ground. Wrapped up in my misery, I looked down to see a puppy at my feet.

A fluffy, yellow ball of Golden Retriever goodness. With a hop and jump he went over my left foot. He reared up on two feet and scratched at my leg. He jumped with joy as though meeting me was the highlight of his day. I couldn’t help but bend over and pet him, looking for his owner as I did so. I found a man standing a few feet away looking at the two of us with an amused smile.

Each frisky motion of playing with my shoe, each lick to my fingers, each wag of his tail, lifted the mantle of gloom I had donned. I felt light and cheerful after that transfusion of loving positive energy. A whistle from his owner and he ran away, having lifted my mood. Teaching me that a soul contract had just been completed between my loving four-legged friend and me.

I followed his bouncing body down the track with more enthusiasm for the rest of my walk. I looked around and saw the blue sky. The gentle yellow of the rising sun. The sway of the branches of the trees. The flowers fluttering in the breeze. I took a deep breath and allowed the cool air into my lungs. As I exhaled I stepped up my game and decided to jog the last hundred meters back home.

I was bursting with energy and raring to start my day. All because I opened my heart to the love around me. Soul contracts may stem from the most unusual karmic connections. Not always just between human beings. Do watch out for opportunities to fulfil your own, for the satisfaction of completing a soul contract gives an amazing boost to both involved.

(A Reiki Master Teacher and holistic healer, Cashmere enjoys green tea, meditation, crystals, books and exploring the Mind-Body connection).

3 Techniques to give a sure-fire boost to your meditation by Sonia Rao

Brahmarshi Patriji and Dr. Newton Kondaveti, beloved Pillars of Thriive, tell us how we can amp up our meditation practice so we are three times more productive, creative and relaxed.

One of our favourite pastimes as children was burning a hole in a piece of paper by focussing a magnifying glass on it. When we grew up we learnt the science behind it. The sun’s rays gathered together at one point had such a high intensity that the light turned into heat energy, capable of igniting a fire. Meditation is somewhat like this.

Letting go of all extraneous thoughts, the mind is brought to focus on one point. Being in the moment, we draw our entire attention to our breathing, thereby generating energy. This intense energy is capable of increasing our observation powers, productivity as well as creativity.
It can reduce our stress levels and turn dis-ease into ease.

Now, imagine a higher, advanced 3X version of meditation. No, it is not wishful thinking. It is completely possible.

Doing these three things  can give you thrice the benefits of regular meditation:

Meditate inside a pyramid:

Due to its shape and angles (51°51'51") a pyramid gets aligned perfectly to the Earth's magnetic field. Brahmarshi Patriji, the founder of Pyramid Meditation, says this type of meditation is the best way to experience a high energy environment in no time. Because of its structure the pyramid becomes the greatest receiver and transmitter of cosmic energy. In case you cannot visit a meditation pyramid (E.g. Pyramid Valley International) you can build a pyramidal frame of iron or wood at home and meditate inside it.

Meditate on  Full / New Moon:
It’s a pretty well-known fact that the moon greatly affects all living beings. Dr. Newton says that emotions can run high especially during the full moon (any wonder that the word lunatic is derived from lunar?). For those wanting to amp up their meditation, he advises meditating on a full/new moon because it channels the extra energy appropriately and gives the doer thrice the benefit of meditation than done on any other day.

3) Meditate in a sacred spot:

Sacred spots are high-energy points on Earth. These powerful vortexes, scattered around the globe, are of three types: Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic. Meditating at these spots is an intense experience as these places are a strong conduit of universal energy and capable of opening our own energy chakras. Book a spiritual journey to any or all of these spots (Stonehenge, Uluru, Lake Titicaca, to name a few) to experience the power of  triple-energy meditation boost.

Join us for Thriive New Moon Meditation on Sunday, 17th December 2017 from 11:00am – 12:00pm at New Age Sage, Andheri. More details here.

(Sonia Rao is the Editor-in-Chief at Thriive).

The Vitamin called 'Words' by Jasmuheen

Thriive Global Ambassador Jasmuheen has a passion for reading and shares with us the three reasons why it’s an incredible source of mental and spiritual nourishment.

Thriive Global Ambassador Jasmuheen devours books like we would devour cupcakes. She reads about five to six books a week because, she says, she has transcended physical hunger and does not need to spend a lot of time cooking food and cleaning up. If you thought she did nothing else but read the whole day (there go your lame excuses for not reading!), she is the Founder of the Embassy of Peace, the lifetime President of GFSS and has written 38 books which have been widely translated.

In a short chat, Jasmuheen reveals the reasons why reading needs to be a part of anyone’s spiritual practice:

1) Reading is time-saving
Jasmuheen has devoted 50 years of her life to understanding how energy flows in the body and the power of Chi to take away all our hunger.  She’s written about it in her book Pranic Nourishment, Living on Light.  Through reading it one can, within a week or a few days, understand what has taken her decades to learn. Reading books on a subject makes it possible for us to learn more about it through others’ experiences. Yet another benefit is that when we read about others going through the same things as us, it inspires us to remain on track with our own practice.

2) Reading inculcates empathy
Historical fiction greatly interests Jasmuheen. She says that reading about times past could activate within us a remembrance of those times we might have possibly lived in previous incarnations. Perhaps we have walked with Jesus Christ or been a disciple of the Buddha. Imagining ourselves in the role of the protagonist generates within us a feeling of empathy. This makes us more understanding and helps build better relationships with the people in our life.

3) Reading helps us in manifesting the realities we desire
Stories reveal to us the existence of many possibilities. With these realities in front of us, we can choose one that most resonates with us. When we fine tune it to align with our true nature, even the Universe has to give in and say, “YUP! You got it!”

So, what are you reading lately?


When depression plunged its deadening claws into Sinjini Sengupta it was a downward spiral. How did she escape it to turn her life around and Thriive? Here’s Sinjini’s story in her own words.

Life in the calm waters

I’ve had a very conducive life all along. Agreeable and reformed parents who had put me on a pretty high rank on their list of priorities. Married to the same person who I had dated since I was nineteen. A strong academic background followed by an accomplished and quick-soaring career as an Actuary.

Soon after I qualified as an Associate Actuary, I had my daughter which, while doubtlessly being the greatest gift my life has ever known, brought with itself its own demands on my time, energy and emotions. So frankly, things always looked good but at the same time, the “business as usual” wasn’t an easy mountain for me to lift everyday. I was being depleted deeper inside.

A downward spiral begins

If we can term depression alongside a few of its siblings – fibromyalgia, spinal discords, resulting physiological and psychosomatic conditions manifesting in my life as some form of “adversity”, then I guess I can pinpoint to a time-line 2 to 3 years ago.

It was not really like I was well, and then on a certain date, fell ill.

A series of common conditions began to surface one by one: constant exhaustion and gripping body ache (that I’ll later come to know as Fibromyalgia), sleep disorders, anxiety, unexplained and prolonged sadness, lack of appetite and unwillingness to leave the bed (which doctors called Major Depressive Disorder), passing out on occasions, tremors, severe protrusion in cervical spine, burning and failing digestive systems (which then became NAFLD), piercing abdomen pains (gallstones) and so on.

The bone scans showed severe protrusions and osteophytes growing along the length of the spine. Many other painful tests called the nerves and muscles too weak. The blood tests showed many things out of range that I spent hours googling about. The medicines were prescribed in combinations that often didn’t agree. You see, none of these are exceptionally rare conditions or a particularly bad news on their own, and yet, they work in a downward spiral when put together, exaggerating and cheering each other and forming a gang against me!

“Take a break!”

I fought them back. From taking rounds of the many different departments in hospitals to surgery combined with daycare processes and several rounds of physiotherapy, I’ve done them all.  Intakes of food included several concoctions of analgesics, sedatives and alertness boosters apart from strong medicines. Scans and tests had become a routine.

Even as I was taking care of my work, there were a big number of people reporting to me waiting for me to guide them as well as an infant at home falling sick every other day. And at one point, I took this one month long unpaid leaves from work and went to Kolkata for the 16th, 17th and 18th medical opinion.

The doctors said, “Take a break.” These three words, I think, form the most important triad in the English vocabulary. For once, I listened to them. Or rather, my husband forced me to.

Relief despite clashing beliefs

Even though I was having too many tablets everyday (in spite of intentionally forgetting to take some at times), there was no real relief. I would spend a large part of the day reading up on their side-effects (if one part was getting healed there would be another getting hurt). At one point, someone suggested meditation. This erupted a whole lot of internal crises for me. I have grown up with a largely communist upbringing and turning to gods is not what we do! To me, the philosophical clash between spirituality and religiousness was acute.

Most of the things I came across in real life disagreed with my system of beliefs, and I sought a path where I could search for peace without compromises like lighting up incense sticks or offering flower garlands to deities.

After a long trial and error process, I found Vipassana. It is a cult of no-blind-faith, and the whole experience felt like it was just my thing on earth. So there I was, living out of a suitcase, ten days of Noble silence of body, mind and speech, deep into introspection and redemption.

I am not too regular with my daily practices now but yet – I must say this – there was no looking back from there, and there won’t be ever I hope!

I came back into acceptance of myself. I went on to become an award winning writer, columnist and public speaker, a Tedx speaker, novelist and so on… and all I can say now, as I look back, is that meditation was what got me back into myself.

I’m a Thriiver

I do not really feel I did anything message worthy. All I did do, when cornered and held up against the wall, was that I found my way back to myself. I stopped and allowed myself to take a break, something that was clearly unthinkable to me for the longest time. When I did that, and when I came around to accept my emotions, sensibilities and sensitivities, I gave them a channel through my pen.

I am honoured to have received quite a few accolades for my work, to have received many awards again nationally as well as internationally, and I am forever grateful for them. And yet… when these readers reach out to tell me about how my words brought them out of depression, that means a world to me more than trophies and certificates ever can.

I wrote a novel – ELIXIR – which revolves around the life of a woman as seen through two alternative realities. In it, I explored and tried to capture all the feelings, emotions and learnings that came to me in my journey over these twists and turns of life. I have tried to give words and expressions to the questions I had, the quests I undertook and the answers that I found myself.

I’d like to believe that the protagonist of Elixir is as much of a Thriiver as I am.

When I met me: My Ayahuasca Experience

“You can’t drive after this,” quips businessman Anand Desai when we asked him about the aftermath of his Ayahuasca experience. There’s much more though to this spiritual journey within.

Imagine you are sliding down a very dark tunnel, perhaps going to the moon, your nerve endings alive to every sensation, seeing and then unseeing multi-coloured visions. Incidents, people, memories assail your eyes in a psychedelic collage. And the music! Sometimes heavenly and sometimes barely audible. And while this is happening you do not remember that you are inside a room with three other people and throwing up again and again.  

Before this, Anand Desai felt that life had become stagnant. Seeking a tool for spiritual self-betterment came naturally to him.  And so when a visiting Shamanic healer presented the opportunity to experience Ayahuasca (Aa-yaa-hoos-kaa), Anand grabbed it eagerly.

This was not the first time he had partaken of the green liquid brewed from the leaves of certain shrubs. But this time, Anand decided to ‘let go’. It was like going on an adventure. He was ready to polish his own mirror – take a clearer look at himself and his life. The clearer the mirror the sharper the image. He said yes to becoming vulnerable and it paid him rich dividends.

It all began with the music. As Anand admits, “the ‘out-of-this-world’ meditation melody added the extra punch that might not have been possible otherwise.”

Sorry, in this ceremony you cannot dictate the route of the journey within. The soul will take you wherever it needs to take you. It will point out to all those dots that need to be connected in your life. 

And it is not all hunky-dory! All the pain, the anger, the grief comes back to you, face to face. You cry, you laugh, you cry again but at the end of the episode you are spent, and more often than not, healed.

Are you ready to meet you?

Anand met himself and here’s what happened, in his own words:

Ayahuasca – It beat me, then I beat it.

I always wanted that this could happen to me. But I don’t want it to happen ever again. I always wanted to do it, but I will never do it again. I was excited to do it, even more excited that it did me and am left with no regret.

It took me deep inside my soul and gave me answers to every question I had. It made me feel lifeless, motionless and without a pulse. At the same time it filled me with emotions of joy and sadness, laughter and cheer, tears and grief, the best of me and the worst of me. Fun and frolic and also fear. It made me float. It made me numb. Comfortably numb.

There was Comfort & Strength
The first touch of comfort started the journey. It took me to a place where there was only I and me. I went deep inside - getting to the bottom of me. And everything I felt I shared with only me. I know that I can’t remember things for too long. And me told me that it’s good that I don’t carry all this luggage for too long. At the same time me told me that I should write down things so that I don’t forget the important ones. If I had a paper and pen I could write down everything I felt there and then, at that very moment. But then me told me that this is only between I & me.

Self – Realization
I had many questions and me tried to answer them. I wanted to play my own music. I discovered my deepest connections and the superficial ones. The ones that I care about and the ones that I don’t. The questions were too many. And I don’t remember any. I was fighting with my soul. I was facing me. And I was scared.

I saw light – white, yellow and light green. I could feel every single note of music and my mood changed with the music. It was as if I was playing music on me and my nerves were like the strings of a guitar. It took me to a high then a low, to an up and then a down. I could hear a sweet voice singing and I wanted it to never stop.

I felt I could do anything at that time. I could have fallen in love or had a fist fight. But I also knew that I meant no harm. I am a clean me. A white me. Not an artificial me. But still… And this gave me a feeling of discomfort. It woke me up. But I felt I was always awake. It made me face the light, the light of day. And I felt great. Rejuvenated. Relaxed. Random. Resistant. I felt that I had a great trip and enjoyed it. And it was over now.

I called for my Life. Went down and enjoyed the rain. Trying to remember what I had experienced. How good or bad it was…. Question mark, question mark, question mark.

And then my Life came to me. And that sight just blew me off. Blast. And the journey began again. I am at peace when the ones I love most are at peace with themselves. I am comforted when only the ones I love the most comfort me. And I would have the best time of my life when the ones I love the most are at ease with me. And it’s not them but their soul which has to be at peace, filled with comfort and love. And if my Life is not at peace with me, my soul is not at peace with me.

I knew exactly why I wanted a black bag and not the white one. At the same time I had no idea of what I was doing or where I was going. I only had this huge comfort of my Life being with me. And I knew that me would be okay. I was chilling then got hyper; I felt happiness and then fear; I felt dry and then I felt drowned in perspiration, I felt very hot and then very cold, I was full of energy and then too tired, I knew I was okay and then I knew I was not, I knew I could drive back home and just then I knew I could not. I could feel the chill and see the spill. I was in panic mode. My Life played with all these swings like a pendulum oscillating at the speed of a 100 km/hr. I knew that my Life will not take any shit that I give it but at the same time I knew that my Life will take all the shit that I could give. And still be my Life with me forever.

In all this fanatic frenzy I found the strength to fight me. I am glad it’s still there. I was holding my own hand. I kept wiping tears which were never there. I only felt them. And in shedding them I was healing. I thought I had the ability to let nothing control me, but this did. And then I felt that I couldn’t get a control over this. But then my Strength did.

Ayahuasca – It is a lovely game and I am glad I played it. It was a very strong opponent. I lost and then won. It’s quits now and I’d like to keep it like that.

It beat me, then I beat it.

How I Met My Soul 4 – Past Life Regression By Suman Chhabria Addepali

When Thriive’s COO, Suman Chhabria Addepali, started wondering if a past-life connection existed between her neighbour’s cat and the filmmaker Karan Johar, she knew it was time to attend a PLR session and set the record straight. So, did the experience meet her expectations? What was really in store for her? Suman documents her experience for us...

It all began on a manic Monday with my editor-in-chief telling me to avoid arguments, because Mercury was in retrograde. I tried to respond but felt safer gulping down the words which would betray my astrological illiteracy.

To introduce myself, I am a happy-go-lucky, perfectionist chick with a good sense of humour (my subordinates deliver without therapy). My nature is ‘highly pitta’ according to the most recent Ayurveda workshop I’ve attended, which reiterates the go-getter I am.

I have long chiselled my spiritual quotient and admit being mesmerized with ‘other-worldly’ topics. But I’d never volunteer to dip my toe into the unknown.

But when my 5 year-old starting spouting undeniable fashion-fundas, I quietly digested my friendly neighbourhood aunty’s declaration that it is her ‘past life knowledge!’

Aunty’s statement seemed as strange as her cat who likes to watch ‘Koffee with Karan’ only on my TV. Was there then a past-life connection between Karan and the cat? I brushed away the pointless thoughts that would bring me no hamper.

Going back to find out what happened in a past life seemed like looking at the rear view of your car to drive ahead. It felt absurd.

While I’ve enjoyed reading Dr. Brian Weiss’s Past Life Regression (PLR) series ‘Many Lives Many Masters’, they seemed more fantasy than fact to me.

As for attempting regression,the thought gave me goose bumps. And, where’s the time to know about the past when the present is so overwhelming?

Universal truths, though, have a way of chasing you in forms as attractive as the desi avatar of George Clooney. As soon as I signed my contract with Thriive, I got to know that two of the ‘Pillars of Thriive’ happened to be the very handsome (hold your horses, ladies, he is happily married) Dr Newton, MD, and his beautiful wife, Dr Lakshmi. Together, they facilitate the very popular PLR workshops globally.

I packed my curiosity into a tiny suitcase and hopped on to the first flight to Hyderabad to meet them.
Once inside their PLR institute, the fatigue caused by a late-night flight added a heavy dose of skepticism to my enthusiasm.

Our session started, and I began to feel that I was only seeing events that my mind had created.

Intuitively, Dr Lakshmi told me that we were not there to authenticate the phenomenon of PLR. There were several studies which had established the veracity of reincarnation.

Even as I was pelted by more doubts, Dr. Newton kept reminding me to trust the process and to ‘let go’ during the meditations. As a Sindhi, I found it tough to let go, and the only ‘process’ I trusted was to vasoolo-fy my tatkal flight tickets.

However, the powerpoint slides slowly began to reflect undeniable truths.

Why is it that some people develop illogical fears? A familiar liking for certain places? An unexplained adoration? Or, an irrational dislike for certain people?

Ah, well! I instantly disliked the person I was paired with at the workshop itself, as he kept interrupting the session every 30 minutes for coffee. I couldn’t deny the strong energies around me as the meditations became deeper.

We were told to permit our souls to leave our bodies and travel. (Hello! That felt as scary as telling my 9 year old to take my car and drive to her favourite Belgian Waffle Co. outlet).

I raised my hand and asked, “What if my spirit leaves my body and enters someone else’s?! There are 64 other participants. What if my soul gets lost at the end of the alpha or delta meditation?”

I could tell that I was testing both the very patient facilitators.

But they smiled angelically and clarified,“Do you think your soul needs guidance from you? It travels the world when you’re asleep. Rest assured, there are Masters guiding you, at every point in your life. They did well even before google maps and will take your soul home where it’s meant to be.”

My agitated forehead relaxed. I felt my body sink into the floor. My legs felt heavy like they were holding up 25kgs at the leg-extension machine. My mind soared as shown in the movie ‘Peaceful Warrior’. I could see myself from a height beyond imagination.

That’s when I witnessed something that completely blew my mind. My maternal grandfather, who had left our family even before I was born, had been my Master. I had never dreamt about him or spoken of him to anyone, as far as I could recall.

I cannot share here what he said to me. But it made me weep like a baby and smile at the same time. I realized he had never really left us. It was the kind of love we are always seeking. Unconditional. Unchanging. Everlasting.

I realised that ‘Surrendering to our Consciousness’ was the PIN to credit my account with what I always wanted.

Life will never turn out the way we expect. But the assurance that everything is connected and answers will come.. can give more closures than a factory that doesn’t comply with GST regulations. 

I meditate daily now for as many minutes as my age (guess!).

Dr. Newton says that if one is 25 years old, one must meditate for 25 minutes a day. It increases with age because so does the baggage we carry. Do I want to know about more lifetimes? I’m not so sure. But I meditate daily and I’m ready for more experiences. Stay tuned…

Click here for Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 of the How I Met My Soul series. 

Wipe Your Karma-Slate Clean Through Your Dreams

Our thoughts, words and actions have a ripple effect: sometimes good and sometimes hurtful. They can cause us to get stuck and lock us into suffering our emotional wounds over and over again. Is there a way out of it? We put this question to the renowned expert on Dream Symbology and Thriive’s Global Ambassador, Kaya. Read on to know what he has to say.

We have access to a lot of things today that guarantee the healing of all our karma. Most of us must have also tried at least a couple of them. Usually, we prefer to try a few techniques even if we fail, rather than suffering on account of it. There is a volcano of modalities spread over the web today, to heal the karma, such as chanting mantras, performing rituals or simply accepting it in the name of fate.

Kaya, the dream interpreter, believes that we can heal our karma through our dreams. Sounds impossible, right? It is actually not!

He explains, “A data created from all our experiences from this lifetime and the past lifetimes is called memories. Depending upon the qualities and weaknesses you have, a program is adapted to the memories. And in dreams you can see these memories, can reprogram them, change them, extend your evolution, and even cleanse your karma. When you understand your dreams, you can change your emotional patterns and that’s why it is truly believed that spirituality of the future would be dreams.”

What about those who do not remember their dreams?

We all receive dreams even if we don't remember them. But those who think they don't dream at all, it is because they are not going inside of themselves enough and are leading a superficial life. They are more in the emissivity period, which is why they have too much masculine energy. In dreams, we don’t talk about a man or a woman, we talk about polarities. We need to develop our receptivity and that’s why meditation is so important. It is not about just creating emptiness. Emptiness is the last stage, not the first. Emptiness comes to us when we have solved all our problems. But our receptivity is the hard part because all our anger, jealousy and the  accompanying negativity creates blockage of energies.

We have been hurt in part lives. Hence, we find it difficult to love because to love unconsciously is to get hurt. So, when we are trying to get into a new relationship, these things trigger this information from the inside like a volcano. We try to live the relationship but simultaneously we are like a cat. Dreams can show all these memories, good or bad and by working on these dreams, we can transform anything, even the worst of relationships.

How does one work on dreams?

First, we need to write down our dreams and understand all the symbols we see. There is always a message. We should then take the positives and the negatives, and assess if that was a beautiful dream or a nightmare. Then we look for the four elements: e.g. if we see problems with water in dreams, it means we have a problem with our emotions. While entering our memories we should ask ourselves “Where is that emotional problem in me?” This could be done through meditation as well. The more we meditate, the more we see because we open our third eye. And the way to judge whether our third eye is open or not is that when we close our eyes we should see something. If we don't, then we should know that the third eye is not truly open.

At first, it could just be our thoughts coming to our mind. It could be something we loved, an emotion, etc. But if we want, we can ask a question and repeat the question many times until we get an answer.

How does one cleanse the karma through dreams?

Cleansing the karma can begin by understanding ourselves, our memories, thoughts, emotions and actions. We need to meditate on all these four levels. For example, suffering through a problem is not changing your karma but shifting your reaction to that problem is. We need to see the positive and the negative. This is in a way cleansing of the karma because in the past, for example, you may have been an extremist monk and so in present time you could be attracted to a teaching that is in connection to extremism. Once you have recognised your problems through dreams, you can do specific angel mantras to show you the way. The more you meditate, the more you dream and so, greater isthe chance of you encountering a solution to a problem which may have been bothering you for a very long time.

Did you know Kaya was a gifted rockstar whose career was on the brink of take-off when he stepped back and claimed his angelhood? Read about his spiritual journey here: The Making Of An Angel 

Pranic Nourishment: The end of physical hunger!

Jasmuheen’s long-term spiritual practice has led to the loss of her physical hunger. Since the last 22 years she has been living on Prana, cosmic chi or solar energy. What is Pranic nourishment and how can it help all souls on Earth to develop unity consciousness? Jasmuheen, from the Embassy of Peace, shares with us her insights on these and other pertinent questions, in her own words.

We are all born to bring certain gifts to each other and so many people have so many fields of expertise. My spiritual practice of meditation has, for over 22 years, led to the loss of my physical hunger. This made me realise that my job was to bring some of the ancient traditions from the East to the West, to educate them about some of the amazing things eastern cultures have already understood.

At the onset of my first experience of Pranic living, I wasn’t looking for this gift or this freedom. It just came as a natural byproduct of my meditative years where there was a deep merging of my personality self with my atman, my true divine nature. We may also call it “monad” or the “I am presence”.

Pranic Living - Merging with our ‘divine nature’

Pranic living is basically being able to be fed by Prana as Cosmic Chi or solar energy. However, there’s often a lot of resistance when something new is introduced to a status quo that has not yet been educated into a reality. For example, Galileo and many others in our world who have challenged regularly our beliefs that the sun revolved around earth rather than the other way round. And as a consequence, many bringers of change were ostracised, ridiculed, criticised, and denigrated. We, however, have to understand that this is about a development of consciousness. And the more we move into the energy of oneness with that pure and perfect part of us (atman), the more miracles we experience in life.

Sun-gazing or Solar-gazing is an ancient tradition rooted in India and I absolutely love this concept. I get up at around 4:30 - 5, every morning, and part of my daily practice is to watch the rising of the sun and take this energy directly into my eyes. It is so nourishing at so many levels. Many people have also said that the practice of solar gazing while substantially decreasing our physical appetite can also heal failing eyesight.

You must be thinking ‘what about non-meditators’?  First thing I advise people is that pranic living does not mean ‘to die’. It’s a natural consequence of coming into a state of divine marriage with your own true and perfect nature. Socrates said, “Man know thyself”. When you know yourself, or parts of yourself, then the merging with that pure and perfect part of yourself allows you to hear its inner voice intuitively. It allows you to know its wisdom. And it will guide you through this. So, you can’t take a person who’s a non-meditator and have them stop taking physical nourishment for the body: they will die. Pranic nourishment isn’t a diet. It’s a consequence of taking the whole system and immersing it into that pure essence or what I call the baseline of creation, and then saturating the system with it. I eat all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and more than most people but I just eat Prana or what some people call the universal life food.

Now, you may think ‘Why should we live on Prana in the first place?’ People already are living on Prana. You couldn’t have a life if you weren’t being nourished by Prana. Prana is the universal life force and it’s flowing through us all the time, just constantly washing through us. But we’ve been mesmerised by living in an external world with limited reality. This applies to an external world where we are always focused on our senses outside of ourselves. However, a lot of people love the pleasure of food. Imagine if we just took physical food for pure pleasure and not because we actually needed it. Imagine if we had just one meal once a month. What effect would this have on global resources? Imagine if everyone could be nourished by this Pranic cosmic micro fuel so that we are always healthy and happy, always at peace, no emotional and mental hungers, and completely free from so many human limitations. That’s what Pranic living is all about.

Pranic children and animals: Being born into the new age of nutrition

You will be surprised to know that there are many Pranic children being born right now in the world, and what we find is they are just a little smaller. These children come into a household with parents who are being nourished purely by Prana. They need to be just honoured and respected and allowed to flow in a way that’s right for them. All of them drink breast milk; all of them tend to like to drink still even though their DNA is different and the way they are made is different. We have methodology now that is testing whether a child is a natural Pranic person or not. But they often make it quite obvious because they are more interested in liquids. They like smoothies instead of large amounts of food. They nibble here and there. They are highly creative and love music, singing, dancing, artistic expression, etc. They are also very empathetic, sensitive, and quite telepathic.

Pranic Nourishment

You may think, if there are Pranic people, what about Pranic animals? I’ve heard stories of Pranic animals who have been indoor animals. They don’t go outside and mix much in the external world and sometimes they don’t do that at all. I think as we have more pure Pranic people in the world in future, we will probably have more Pranic animals as well. 

Pranic nourishment isn’t about limited nutrition. This is about limitless nutrition with every vitamin, protein, mineral, carbohydrate, every nutrient you need, flowing through you. So you’re free from the need to take all external vitamin resources and you’re free just to take a little bit of food from time to time just for the pleasure of taste and not because you need it. So people get healthier, with better reproductive systems and they get happier.

Everything is a beautiful opportunity to love. You access life through the eyes of your pure essence nature. You see the beauty of creation. You go beyond individuality. You stop the judgment game of right or wrong path and good or bad energy. You have a completely different perspective because you are existing in the world with a different level of consciousness, with a different awareness. In that reality, there is no need to protect, no need to judge, to compare and to hide from the outside world. For example, I have many friends who had difficulties in accepting the new President of the United States. But every time that person shares something, he triggers this amazing energy of unity around the world as people stand up and decide what is right for them and how they want to operate. So, sometimes we have events in the world that appear to be a certain way but at a bigger level, they are actually doing an incredible service and creating unity and harmony in our world.

Unity consciousness - the harbinger of peace on Earth?

In the next ten years, I see nothing but incredibly fantastic things for humans and the earth herself. The Galactic Core, the great central sun, is transmissioning brand new energies we’ve never experienced on Earth through our physical Sun. As we’ve often shared, at the end of 2012, 95% of people on Planet Earth elected, in their heart of hearts, to live in peace. They may not know how but they’re interested. And so, there’s a huge shift in consciousness. We will be in true unity consciousness, loving, honouring and respecting all the gifts that we carry. We exist in a web of one and this help us in understanding universal law, particularly the law of resonance which says, ‘like attracts like’ and ‘whatever we give out comes back to us.’ All of this may not happen together but we are well on the way. It’s like an unstoppable train.

All I would like say in the end is that just fall in love with the Earth. Fall in love with humanity. Fall in love with yourself because love is the expansion of consciousness. Ask to see evidence of unity consciousness within yourself and within all life and all around your world. And this intelligent quantum awareness will deliver that experience to you. This is Jasmuheen sending you all so much love and light and wishing you a fabulous 2017.

Jasmuheen (President, GFSS) will be speaking on
The Science of Unity Consciousness and Life in the Unified Realms on the 2nd October 2017 and on Unity Science Pragmatics & Recoding on 4th October 2017 at The Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences at the Pyramid Valley. To know more and to register for the festival, visit

Opening of the Lionsgate Portal: Using the 8:8:8 energy to activate our Heart centre

Once in a while, the Universe makes it easier for us to tread the path of spiritual evolution, towards a raised consciousness. The opening of the Lionsgate portal is one such occasion. We got eminent Wellness and Spiritual Coach Hitesh Vashisht to throw light on this phenomenon and to guide us in empowering ourselves at this important moment in cosmic history.

What is the Lionsgate portal?

From 26th July to 12th August every year, the Earth, Sun and the star Sirius come in alignment with each other under the astrological sign of the Lion, i.e. Leo. This creates the Lionsgate portal. Sirius is the Greater Sun of our Galaxy and it carries energy to hasten our ascension. When the Sun and Sirius meet during this period, their energies combine and Earth becomes the recipient of the intense, heightened warmth.

The energy on the 8th of August (8/8) is the most potent but we experienced the powerful 8:8:8 channel opening on 8 August 2015 and now it is happening today i.e. 8th August 2017. 8 is the number of Saturn and its work is to bring us on our soul path.

How does the opening of the portal affect us personally and collectively?

This symbolises an opening of a cosmic portal between the Physical and Spiritual Realms. The portal from my view is nowhere outside of us rather it is inside of us i.e. our Heart. The significance of this day is to harness the energy of our heart so that we become the divine individual expression in all our spaces.

Personally, it is the time of new awakenings, finding paths and doing things before putting them up for review. It is also an opportunity to fill ourselves with the energy of abundance the Sun and Sirius bestow upon us. We can aim to be our glamorous, roaring best by imbibing the golden energy.

Collectively, it is the time of driving collective changes in the systems, structures and approaches. Like the sun bestowing its light upon all without judgement, it is time for us all to become more compassionate and generous. In fact, it is time for humanity to show its humaneness.

How can we make the best use of the energy physically and emotionally?

Connecting  with our heart/ love centre and being grateful for what we have and where we are at this point in life is the best way of experiencing the 8:8:8 energy.

Also, clearing our emotional pollution by meditating, practicing awareness and keeping our body hydrated will allow the free-flow of energy through all our inner energy centers, the chakras.

Since many aspects our life would be up for reassessment, we may be drawn to change. All we need to do is surrender and trust that this phase is indeed going to take all of us to something brighter and better for our soul growth.

At the body level, eat light food. Fruits are the best diet to have at this time. The less dense the body, the more is the rejuvenating energy it can absorb.
At the mind level, one can do breathing exercises and yoga.

We need to remember: what comes, let it come; what stays, let it stay; what goes, let it go.

Could you guide us through a meditation to make the best use of this powerful moment?

* Sit comfortably and take three long deep breaths to relax.
* Further, bring your attention to your normal natural breath. Allow yourself to relax further.
* Then, from your heart visualise pink light emerging and shining in its calmness. (The pink light in the heart symbolises unconditional love and joy).
* Gradually allow this energy to expand and spread inside your room, then in your home, your city, your country and then over the whole Earth.
* Feel grateful that the light in you is touching each and every kingdom of life on Earth and spreading your love and joy to one and all.
* Continue the meditation for another 10 minutes.
* Now, gently prepare yourself to come back and open your eyes.

Activate your heart centre with the 8:8:8 energy and let your soul’s roar reverberate through the Universe.

The Healing Power of Sacred Sites - An Interview with Dr. Newton

Why does it happen that at some places suddenly we feel energetically elated and cannot explain that feeling? Why does it happen only at certain places? What are these places after all? New Age Master and Pioneer in the field of Past Life Regression, Dr. Newton happily opens up to Deipshikha Dhankhar about these “powerful” places, spiritual significance of whales and dolphins, healing our addictions and why we should not heal others.

What are power spots? And when we are “at” one, how does it affect our energies?
On the Earth plane there are spots formed due to a particular kind of configuration where all the five elements of nature meet in perfect harmony. As energy lines, these run beneath the surface and where they intersect the most, they give rise to a power spot. Anybody, even a non – meditator, can feel the strong energy of these spots.
One such place is the Giza pyramids of Egypt. Anyone who goes inside the pyramid to meditate can feel the high energy of that place. There is another one at Mount Shasta near California, which represents the Root Chakra energy. It is known to be home to many ethereal beings. Some of them are ascended masters while some are fairies, and others are there just to assist many people in making a transition to the highest spiritual planes.
Another spot is at Lake Titicaca in Peru, South America. The energy of the second chakra is located there and it is believed that one can heal infertility and other reproductive tensions here.   
There is a power spot in Scotland as well as in England (Stonehenge). This is the third eye energy, and the only one that changes from time to time. At present, it is moving through England.

What is the best way to access the energies of these powerspots?
When we visit these power spots, we must try to stay for at least 3-4 days and sleep near either the mountain or the glacier. This would help us tune into the place, so that we could experience the energy in our dreams as well. These dreams are very spiritual, and symbolic in nature, carrying profound messages for us.
In fact, at these power spots, you need not even meditate. You just need to be. Just make your monkey mind silent and once the logical mind is absent, the intuitive mind will open up, which will guide you further.

Any particular experience you had at a power spot?
I was at one of the power spots - The Tenerife in Canary Islands - which is very close to the Bermuda Triangle. Many people visit the Atlantic Ocean to meet dolphins and whales. While taking our boat deeper into the ocean, at exactly one spot, I felt great silence, and presence of some angelic beings. We stood still and I started meditating. After maybe 5 minutes, the sky suddenly began to change. The cloud started forming all kinds of angelic beings. The sun was setting and hundreds of whales surrounded us, showing their belly, breathing in a very melodious manner. Generally they don’t do that unless they are surrendering to something greater. I was so touched by that experience.

Talking about Dolphins and Whales, can they heal humans as per the stories we hear?
Dolphins and Whales are higher intelligent beings, probably more intelligent than humans. During our visit to Canada, there was a cancer patient with us. A whale came to her and touched her. She started trembling and shaking as if experiencing a panic attack. However, she said she was in a state of ecstasy. She then narrated how she had cancer, and after the whale touched her she felt strong vibrational currents in her body. She explained this process as “cleansing”. After 4 months, she reported back that she was completely healed of cancer.
Even I have received healing from these beings. I always had an unhealed relationship with my mother. Even though I loved her so much, I couldn’t go and embrace her. So, during another trip, there was this mother whale and her baby. The mother whale came and stood in front of me in a vertical position, looked into my eyes and transmitted her love. I began crying and couldn’t stop. I was thinking about my mother in that moment. By the time I came back to India, the ego wall in me had completely fallen off. I went to my mother, fell at her feet, cried so much and hugged her for the first time in my life. My childhood anger of her leaving me with my grandmother had dissolved. The mother whale’s love had healed me completely.

When we meditate, how do we know that the thoughts we are having are real and not a build up of our own imagination?
First, we need to make the logical thoughts quiet. After that whatever emerges is your experience. They are not your thoughts. It can be a possibility that your right brain or your intuitive mind is giving you those thoughts. But they are not the logical thoughts which are coming to you based on your past experience or whatever you desire in the future. It’s something profound that comes out.

How can one heal addictions?
Addictions always need to be healed from the roots. For such people, what is needed is to look deeper into those layers where they are carrying pain. For example, I met a lady who was alcoholic and even after trying everything, she couldn’t come out of it. Then I asked her about her life pattern. She said that she was the earning member in the family. Her husband would take all her money, and his behavior would alternate between hot and cold. She was carrying so much pain that she became addicted to alcohol. I told her that there was a connection between her emotional pain and the alcohol addiction. So first, the emotional pain needed to be healed in order to break free from her addiction. Most of us carry shame and guilt. These are actually the true causes for any kind of addictions.

How can one break free from addictive patterns that happen subconsciously?
Let’s take an example of someone who has a pattern of falling into relationships where their partner always cheats on them. They can break free by working through two modalities. One is regression and second is consolation. Through regression, either age or past life, we could go to the origin of the patterns to see where they are stemming from. Generally the patterns have a karmic origin, which makes them experience the same thing. But because there is a lesson involved and they fail to learn it, they keep falling into the same pattern, attracting the same experience. After the soul has learnt the lessons, it will be ready for a new relationship. But first, they need to set themselves free from old relationships and cut the energetic cords. Consolation work is beautiful in that. Here, they say to the other person – ‘Thank you for all those cherished moments we spent together. But now I move on. I set myself free from you and I set you free.’ This gives space for a new person who can walk into their life without fear.  

Should we heal others?
Actually I affirm that one should not heal others. When I perform Past-life regression therapy, I am not healing others. I am awakening them to their own self-healing process. Even if I want to heal someone, say of cancer, that’s meddling with their karma. Rather, I assist them to look into why the cancer has manifested in the first place. What is the root cause? What is the lesson involved? My role is to facilitate a session. Otherwise I would have to pay the karmic price for it. I have seen it happen in a few cases where I did some kind of interference. Out of compassion, I took over some part of their karma. But it didn’t help the person because I was dividing their lesson. In fact I had to suffer so much pain. It’s like everybody needs to do their own homework, you can only assist. Also, when we heal others, we are undermining their own capabilities of healing. We can only heal children up to 10 years of age, plants and animals.

When we end up being with somebody not as or not at all spiritual like us, how do we grow in that relationship?
In this Universe, nothing is non-divine. Everyone is divine, just that everyone is at their own level of evolution. So if you are spiritually more evolved than others, you need to work with compassion; they will also reach there. The energy you project will also affect the other person. Don’t judge them as spiritual or non-spiritual. We connect with everyone as humans. Just know that one day, they will also realize their truth. Until then, whatever you can do to inspire them to be happy, do that.

Want to delve more into the never-ending fount of Dr. Newton's wisdom? Join us for  his session at the 10th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences at Pyramid Valley on 3rd October. Here's the link:

Making of a Master - Rae Chandran

What are the circumstances that turn an ordinary person into a Master? Rae Chandran, who is also Thriive’s Global Ambassador, shares with us his journey from being a man angry at God to becoming a Master, a teacher, channeler and energy healer.

How did your journey begin?

I was an angry man, angry at God. “Why am I so poor? If God is so lovely, why is there so much suffering?” These things did not connect with me at all. I thought there must be something bigger. That began my journey of understanding why some people have hard times and some don’t even have to move a feather. I never went to temples because I could not understand why people worshipped statues. I set out to find my own truth by travelling to a few countries but I ended up in USA. Around that time, I read a wonderful book The Power of Subconscious by James Murphy. It really hit me very hard.

One day, I met a girl in the US who was from Japan. I fell in love with her. We spent 3 days together and then she said that if I loved her, I should go to Japan with her. I went to Japan but we broke up in two months. I was hurt, betrayed and penniless. I became a homeless person and at that time I really started questioning my beliefs about God. I wanted a God who could give me some food, clothing and shelter.

I was in despair and attempted suicide twice. Even though I was struggling through dark times, I was somehow able to get help. Sometimes, it was in the form of a lady with peanuts and sometimes a taxi driver who took me to a restaurant. At that time I decided that if I ever got out of that misery, I would be like these angels and give upliftment and encouragement to people. Soon after, I started working in a publishing house and even became the director of the company. During that time, I read Conversations with God, which touched me deeply. I wanted a God who was a friend to me, whom I could communicate with, whom I could touch and laugh with. Now I teach only one thing - empowerment. You have everything inside of you. When you completely surrender to the divine, not from your personality but do a complete surrender and say - Thy will is my will - things start opening up for you.

In 2002, I read Shamanic Secrets which was really fascinating and I wanted to meet the author of the book. It took me three months to get his telephone number and when I called him, he was in Hawaii. I said, “The book was fabulous. Will you teach me?” He started teaching me for 3-4 hours a day, through the telephone. This went on for 3 years. He was one of the greatest Shamans of the world. He taught me how to feel the air and the leaves, and how to be one with God. I learnt to talk to the grasshoppers, butterflies, chameleons, turtles, and everything. After three years he said it was time to move on and I started channeling. I could channel a telephone, table, anything, because everything was a part of God.

Do you think they all have souls?

It’s not about a soul. At quantum level, they have a molecular structure which has the same consciousness that we have. Before it was made, it was a part of Mother Earth. So, we are communicating with HER.

When you talk about surrendering, does this mean accepting whatever happens around you?

No! When you are faced with difficulties, there is a reason why your soul chooses to bring them to you. Even during my own darkest hours, when I surrendered, I could hear the whisper of God. You must remember one thing - everything in life happens because of our own choosing. And who is choosing? Our soul: to bring us the perfect lesson and to heal the karmic energy imbalance. One of the greatest life lessons for most people, especially for ladies, is the ability to say NO and define boundaries. Until we learn to do that, we would be put in the same situation again and again where everybody will put us down and we would not be able to say NO.

When was your first experience with an extraterrestrial being?

When I met my shamanic teacher, he helped me open up to the understanding of life in all its forms through nature. He guided me to look within my body to feel the wisdom and see the truth. In 2003, when I was working for the publishing company, somebody tried to blackmail us. This guy was from Singapore and asked for a lot of money. In Japan, if you have a situation like this, the company gets prosecuted, not only the employee because of whom it happened. That was not a good feeling. I went home that night, kneeled down and cried to God asking, “What can I do at this time? What will happen to the company, to our livelihood?” For the first time, I felt someone’s presence around me and he said, “I will take care of the situation.” The one who gave the threats suddenly went missing. Until today, nobody knows what happened to him. I know nothing bad happened to him but he was removed from my life.

Was he in a physical form or energy form?

He appeared to be in a physical form, wearing white clothes surrounded by incredible energies.

Didn’t you get scared in the beginning?

No. Not at all. Just imagine you are meditating and you see this Master with an incredible glow of light.  Wouldn’t it change your life? That loving impact would stay with you forever. At another time, I was meditating at 11 PM and 3 ten-feet tall men walked in. They were from my home planet Plantharous. They had a big red book. They asked me, “Are you ready to go?” I said, “Okay, I am ready to go. Does it involve death?” They said, “Only if you choose.” I said, “When I die, I want to have full consciousness of leaving my body.” They agreed to my request and left. Next day I became sick and my energy went down. Nobody knew what was happening to me. Everyday I was having death visions. I felt very alone that time. I had 135 guides, all had left me. Then they told me I should go to Egypt. I went there, to the Nile river. I saw a white light coming into my life.

Next day I went to see a man who had an oil shop. He made me sit down and touched different parts of my body and started to do Sufi chants. I got my energy back in 40 minutes. That day I learnt about channeling sounds. Now I can channel around 2000 sounds and I do sound healing workshops around the world. I don’t look upon them as miracles. I look at it as the natural order of things. I don’t look for proofs. Nor do I look for other people’s approval. I have communicated many times with Sai Baba, Jesus, Nichiren Daishonin, and many other high powers; that’s my reality.

Can anybody else do it?

Of course! Everybody can do it. Raise your frequency and you would be able to communicate with beings. There is nobody special because everybody’s special. Love of God draws God into you. You never have to do any rituals or ceremonies. But ask yourself, ‘’Do you love God with all your heart? All your mind? All your soul?’’

So, when we say God, what are we really referring to?

The infinite intelligence through which everything came! The law of One! I think: Why should I follow Buddhism, Hinduism or anything else? I would rather go to the Whole. We have made all Gods in the image of human beings and have given them human attributes such as jealousy and anger. We have Gods, one God running away with another God’s wife, one God killing another God, etc. These things never happened. These are all archetypal stories. Even Mahabharat and Ramayan never happened. Archetypal energies were created and through the power of belief, they came into material form.

In our culture, they say that we have to make the Gods happy by giving them certain alms. Are these beings also energy being who are demanding their own satisfaction?

One thing we have come here to learn is the power of thought. Your thoughts can create the energy and manifest it into any form you like. If 100 million people in India believe for 100 years that Roman civilisation happened in Bombay city, you will find artifacts of Romans in Bombay city. Because thoughts create energy, energy converts them into matter. Just imagine a billion people believing in one thing. This is the power of thought. Our thoughts affect our consciousness as well as the water and molecules in the body. One of the reasons we are here is to master the power of thought as they are the first form of creation.

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